An Open Letter to Republican Voters

This election gives us all an opportunity for real change, your vote matters more than ever. I believe in a country where individuals cast their votes towards the person best suited for the job, and my hope is that I can be that candidate for you and your families.

My name is Phil Ehr, I am a loving husband, a proud father, and a faithful Christian.

I am a Navy veteran, who rose from an enlisted seaman to Commander during a 26-year active duty career. During my time in the Navy I learned all about what it means to be an American by fighting for our Constitutional rights, protecting our freedoms, and leading with unity and patriotism in mind.

I was a registered Republican for over 33 years. When I changed parties, I realized that at the end of the day, we are all Americans and that it is our duty to pick the candidate who will best serve our community and nation, regardless of party. This election isn’t about party, it’s about putting the ideals of this nation first, and we need to get back to those fundamentals of honor, character, and integrity. Republicans and Democrats don’t have to be enemies, but we must stand against politicians like Matt Gaetz who work to divide us. The politics of hate do not belong in the America that I and so many of you fought for.

I am not afraid to stand up for the values of Northwest Florida. If that means going against the pressures of party leaders, then so be it. What matters most to me is our community, and I won’t let Washington change that.

Thirty years ago I swore an oath to the Constitution. I swore to defend our country from enemies, both foreign and domestic. My decision to run for office was not about me. My goal is not financial gain or recognition on cable television. It was a call to action, an extension of my service to our country. My faith, the love for my family, and the failed promises made to our community compelled me to act.

I don’t just believe in honor and integrity, I’ve lived it my whole life. Doing the right thing matters. I want the leadership of this district to be focused on this district. That is why I am in this race, to represent the people of Northwest Florida. This year, 2020, has been a tough year for all of us. I want to restore the confidence and faith that the American people should have in their elected officials.

Matt Gaetz has revealed himself as a man who does not care for our nation’s values and continues to lead by means of mockery, hatred, and division. It’s time for a change in this district.

I don’t want to take your guns, I don’t want to privatize your beaches, and I don’t want to diminish your way of life. I want to be the example we all hope to set for our children.

I recognize that this election is difficult. Our campaign has listened to thousands of Republicans who are ready for real change, and I’m prepared to work for all of us.

For 26 years, I fought for this country — and I’m ready to continue fighting for you, Northwest Florida, and our nation on Capitol Hill.

I promise you this — I won’t ignore you. I will fight for you.

I humbly ask for your vote on election day,

Commander Phil Ehr (USN, Ret.)


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Phil Ehr

Commander, US Navy (Ret.) | Democratic nominee challenging Matt Gaetz for Florida’s 1st Congressional District